what is kurobuta pork

What is Kurobuta Pork? Meet the Wagyu of the Pork World

The prized Kurobuta pork comes from a heritage breed of black hogs called Berkshire pigs. They originated in England’s Berkshire County around two centuries ago.  These heirloom hogs were so prized that they were presented as gifts to Japanese emperors who dubbed them ‘Kurobuta’, meaning, ‘black pig’. It is therefore not a wonder that some … Read more

pork secreto

Pork Secreto: Your Ultimate Guide to an Exotic Delicacy

With its signature dark color and striped appearance, pork secreto remains one of the rarest meats in the world. This ‘secret’ pork cut is somewhat hidden among the larger, more prominent muscles near the shoulder and loin area. It is typically prepared by grilling at 400 degrees F for about 2 minutes per side. At … Read more

porterhouse vs ribeye

Porterhouse vs. Ribeye Steak: Which One’s Your Beef?

The ribeye is a steak with unparalleled taste and tenderness. That’s all thanks to its good balance of fat and meat. Meanwhile, the porterhouse comes from the short loin and has a lot of beefy steak intersected by the unique T-shaped bone.  I’ve come across the porterhouse vs ribeye debate among steak lovers at butcher … Read more

best buns for pulled pork

Best Buns for Pulled Pork: 10 Delicious Options!

Brioche buns are my go-to bun for pulled pork sandwiches. This bun is fantastic for pork because it has a slightly sweet taste and can support a lot of meat without falling apart. There are many delicious ways to eat pulled pork, including chilis, pies, and so on. That said, the most popular way to … Read more

pulled pork sandwich toppings

Pulled Pork Sandwich Toppings: 14 Delicious Options!

A pulled pork sandwich is a delicious meal that can be made even more delicious with toppings. Toppings like pickles, jalapenos, red onions, hot sauce, etc., can significantly improve your entire savory experience. I’ve tried all of these toppings and more, and today I’ll be discussing fourteen of my favorites. In fact, I have served … Read more