Welcome to the newly revamped online destination of The Pig BBQ Joint, where the cherished legacy of an iconic BBQ restaurant continues to flourish. The current platform, run by a team of enthusiastic new owners, is dedicated to all things BBQ. No longer serving up famous pork barbecue on-site, we’ve transitioned into an expansive online hub for grilling and smoking enthusiasts. Our site is brimming with resources from insightful tutorials to flavorful recipes and professional tips, all tailored to help you create the most lip-smacking BBQ experience at home!

To give you a bit of our background, The Pig BBQ Joint was originally a bustling restaurant nestled in downtown Victoria at the Atrium. Between 2010 and 2017, it was celebrated for serving some of the finest BBQ in the vicinity. Its signature dishes like pulled pork poutine and the legendary pig sauce amassed a dedicated following. However, after seven fulfilling years of tantalizing taste buds, the physical restaurant was regrettably closed. In 2020, under the original management, the venture briefly surfaced again offering BBQ food kits through a pickup service.

Although the restaurant is no longer active, its spirit and passion for BBQ have been reignited. We aim to keep the BBQ tradition alive through this platform, making the legacy of The Pig BBQ Joint accessible to all. Dive into our website, arm yourself with new knowledge, experiment with our recipes, and elevate your own smoking and grilling skills. Together, let’s fan the flames of this BBQ legacy!